National Jazz Competition

20-05-2014 08:32

Last Friday  I visited with friends, the National Jazz Competition in Lantaarnvenster in Rotterdam.

Four bands were playing, (Dominic J. Marshall Trio, Alex Koo Quintet, Trempera!, and Loran Witteveen Quintet). In all of them there were jazzfriends playing, so we just listenend without having a special preference, to what they were playing, how they composed, which performance they brought and what styles they produced.

The winning band could play in the European Jazz Competition. The prices were interesting: 5000 Euro pro person and a concert in North Sea Jazz.

Who the winner was I did not hear. The parking meter tapped and I needed to work on my own music pieces. Unfortunately the website of Lantaarnvenster did not inform us about the outcome.

During the European Jazz Competition I will be in Italy Vinci, Toscane, for the Italian Brass Workshop.
I will have lessons of great teachers like Fabrizio Bosso. For all the players of the European Jazz Competition: good luck!





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