10-05-2014 18:28

Here are some recordings,

- at conceert of Biba Beusker, Amsterdam Conservatory 15th February 2015, Amsterdam
- at Delft (my birthtown) playing with the Daniel Clason Band 2011 
- at the conservatory of The Hague (2011)
- at Siena Jazz 2013
- with Jacopo Mezzanotti (jan. 2014) in The Hague
- following: Murpheys Law (August 2014)

There will follow more takes. Let me know if you like them.

The 9th of August there was a film named: 'Podium on tour' In which the National Youth Orchestra and the National Jazz Youth Orchestra were followed by Diewertje Blok. The link is:

The takes were from Radiostation Kootwijk and the Open Air Theatre in Goffert Nijmegen.



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