Experiences in Italy

17-08-2014 00:06


In Italy I had the most stimulating workshops at Vinci and Siena. In Vinci the emphasis was more on the classical playing and I found out that there are great collegue-students who demonstrated to have a  great technical control of the instrument. It stimulated me a lot to work on my technical performance. In this week it happened to be that I played with the great teachers of the classical trumpet, like Fabrizio Bosso, Andrea Giuffredi, Otto Sauter, Ruben Simeo and Andrea Dell'Ira.

the full program consisted in every evening a concert in Vinci exept Tuesday and Friday when we went to the Operahouse in Florence for concerts. No need to say that there were many possibilities to  jamm, and we had the time of our life!

30 June

we had  twice a day individual lessons at the Vinci Schools, in the evening we had the large Ensemble rehearsals, under direction of  Vicente Gabarda (Trumpet Ensemble for 5 July, Scuole di Vinci)

In the morning there were breathing exercise with Luca Benucci, Anne Jelle Visser and others there were conferences with Fabrizio Bosso, Otto Sauter, Luca Benucci...

and  we had the  concert  on  Tuesday at Opera di Firenze (Trio Mocata, Scaglia, Wertico, Bosso)
I played in the Lucca Benucci Large Ensemble. 

Of course there were teacher concerts

Concert : Benucci, Jezierski, Bonet, Pop Horn Ensemble, Tuba Ensemble)  
Concert (Paratore, Vicedo, Dell'Ira, Giuffredi, Simeo, Sauter) Teatro Leonardo da Vinci.

Friday there was the IBW Student Ensemble Concert,  there was Brass and Wine in a Summer Tuscan Night (Piazza del Castello, Vinci) and at the end I was nominated to play in the free jazz session:

23:10 Free Jazz (Clason/Ziener/+Tuba)

23:20 IBW Trumpet Ensemble

23:30 Benucci Ensemble

The 6th of  July the course ended. and we went to Florence for the final concert.

after the conference with Luca Benucci we went again to Florence opera for the final concert 

21:30-22:30 Italian Brass Week Final Concert (Opera di Firenze)

22:30-00:00 Jazz Jam Session in Piazza della Passera, Firenze

In this week I found myself on a podium with Fabrizio Bosso with 800 people public! It was an enormous experience. I want to thank the organisation of this workshop, in particular the director Luca Benucci for the great week we had.

hereafter I was for three weeks in Italy with some musical friends. I went to Milano, and back to Firenze and earned some money with doing concerts in several café's.

Then the 23th I went to Siena for the great Jazz workshop.
This was the second time I was there, because I won the scholarship prize last year and was allowed to come back. Again  it was a great experience, to have lessons from the best  Jazz -trumpetplayers of the world.

It was a great fortnight and I thank Bart and his foundation who subsidises my workshops.




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