09-05-2014 12:40


From: Linley Hamilton

Sent: Wednesday 24th July 2013 16:40

 Onderwerp: Daniel Clason

"...Had the pleasure of teaching Daniel while he was in Sligo for individual tuition and was most impressed. He has all the facilities of a professional player with a natural flair for jazz including sound and phrasing,  the hardest attributes to come by. He has a natural ability way beyond the players of his own age in Ireland on any instrument. He has demonstrated a good knowledge of the key players in the jazz genre and at such a young age has done some rigorous listening. 

Coming as he does from a classical background, he is used to a high level of competition as players strive to attain places for orchestra and solo places…..
As a jazz soloist he is already impressive with what appears at this end to be an individual voice, an already impressive contemporary vocabulary and a sound that is ideal for this genre. If he keeps practising the way he is already doing with the instruction he is already receiving he is definitely good enough to have an extraordinary career in music, especially jazz..." 

Linley Hamilton, Sligo


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