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CharlesMat 19-06-2018
Mathis spent the first 10 seasons of his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars before joining the Lions.
"We're not going to announce our starting lineup," coach John Fox said Monday. "I think most people would understand why."
While Tomlin insisted Tate might not be ready to plug and play, the Steelers have had success with guys walking in off the street. James Harrison came out of an 18-day retirement in mid-September and played the next weekend. Max Starks was signed off the couch in 2011 and was starting at tackle four days later.
Vinovich managed that game well despite the controversy surrounding it, and his grade from the season was good enough to earn him the Super Bowl nod.
"Now to have a big comeback victory against Tampa Bay, we'll see what we can do after the bye week against New England," coach Jay Gruden said.
San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid is such an advocate of healthy eating that he partnered with My Sports Dietitian, a new company that's devoted to sports nutrition and education services.

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