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13-02-2022 23:02
De nieuwe website is Hier kunt u actuele informatie vinden. Ik hoop dat u op deze website een idee heeft gehad van mijn geschiedenis de afgelopen jaren. De contactinformatie is nog dezelfde gebleven.
18-05-2016 00:00
  2016 many new concerts with Pandora Project 2015 26 april concert: "Daniel Clason and Friends" . Adres: Jaagpad 7, 2288AB, Rijswijk. Er is ruime parkeergelegenheid 3 mei 2015 concert: "Daniel Clason and Friends" om 15:30 uur koffie en thee.  Er is ruime...
17-08-2014 00:06
  In Italy I had the most stimulating workshops at Vinci and Siena. In Vinci the emphasis was more on the classical playing and I found out that there are great collegue-students who demonstrated to have a  great technical control of the instrument. It stimulated me a lot to work on my...
20-05-2014 08:32
Last Friday  I visited with friends, the National Jazz Competition in Lantaarnvenster in Rotterdam. Four bands were playing, (Dominic J. Marshall Trio, Alex Koo Quintet, Trempera!, and Loran Witteveen Quintet)....
10-05-2014 20:15
For trumpetlessons you can contact me on the main mailadres. I give lessons to adults and youngsters (from about 10 years old) Would you like to learn to play the trumpet, please contact me. I use the regulare price for conservatoriumstudents. You can also get a strip map with 5 lessons with some...
10-05-2014 18:28
Here are some recordings, - at conceert of Biba Beusker, Amsterdam Conservatory 15th February 2015, Amsterdam - at Delft (my birthtown) playing with the Daniel Clason Band 2011  - at the conservatory of The Hague (2011) - at Siena Jazz 2013 - with Jacopo Mezzanotti (jan. 2014) in The Hague -...
10-05-2014 18:09
AMSTEL        incredibili lenitate,  ita ut oculis in utram partem fluat  iudicari non possit  (C.I.Caesar, De Bello Gallico)    ze is van nederige komaf  uit lage venen tussen schaap  en koe –...
09-05-2014 12:40
  From: Linley Hamilton Sent: Wednesday 24th July 2013 16:40  Onderwerp: Daniel Clason "...Had the pleasure of teaching Daniel while he was in Sligo for individual tuition and was most impressed. He has all the facilities of a professional player with a natural flair for jazz...
09-05-2014 12:39
My new website started today. My next projects will be from 29th June until 14th of August. After that I will be in the Netherlands again. You can book me for concerts.      
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